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Lumalight Color Light Acupuncture™

Color light therapy is also described as chromatherapy and Color Harmonics™. The Spectrahue Colour Harmonics System™ is an advanced energy-based healing modality harnessing the power of color light and sacred geometry to enhance alternative wellness and spiritual practices. To feel a sense of well-being, we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink and from color energy carried in light. Light is the carrier of our color spectrum from the life-giving radiance of our Sun. Each color beam of light is a packet of energy and supports vitality and life. You can introduce this revitalizing energy through acupuncture points, reflex zones and the aura.

Lumalight may be an ideal alternative for clients in an acupuncture setting who are uncomfortable with needles, such as the elderly and children. It may open an arena of possibilities that a laser may not achieve. You can also introduce color light above the needle in place. There are over 40 crystalline color filters to enhance an acupuncture/acupressure session, and 24 geometry amplifiers to explore during a session. Every combination offers many possibilities as each color and shape has its own frequency qualities. Color Harmonics is also perfect adjunct for color light reflexology and to enhance acupressure sessions.

Lumalight by Spectrahue™ Packages

Lumalight sets are designed for the beginner to advanced holistic practitioner who incorporate energy work during their sessions. Lumalight illuminators are an ergonomic design illuminator developed to deliver crystalline colour energy with holographic geometry amplifiers. Our color therapy technology offers unparalleled potential compared to an LED chromotherapy torch or laser penlight. Whether you begin with the Universal System or the Premium System, you can always build your set with more filters and geometry components later on. Lumalight developed exclusively for Spectrahue in Canada. Read More >>

All Inclusive Solution

Equipment: Lumalight Color & Geometry Sets™
Education: Energetically Correct™ DVD training series
Golden Light: A Journey with Advanced Colorworks book
Option: Lumalight Certificate Courses We also offer continuing education for many healing professionals Read More >>

Lumalight Color & Geometry Certificate Courses

Spectrahue Color Harmonics Certificate Courses have been developed for acupuncturists seeking continuing education credits. We are a NCCAOM provider 15 PDAs. Our Lumalight Educators can facilitate courses at your educational facility. We have the knowledge and expertise to create a program based on your objectives and educational requirements. Spectrahue educational curriculum has been incorporated into holistic programs worldwide. Updated February 18, 2014

Lumalight Course Schedule 2014

Lumalight Universal System - Complete Package

Lumalight Color & Geometry Light Sets

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